Áprilisnak elseje

"First of April, send the stupid somewhere"
(S.D.: In First of April people made jokes with each others with it: wrote this doggerel to a paper and asked anyone to give it to others as a letter. When the addressee could read it, knew what’s its job and sent the poor one away, for others again till it knew they joked her/him)

 Once upon a time (when I was human yet) in my early years, I believed with my classmates that my birthday was just on 1st of April. Then I slipped into the staircase and half-raised to the top of what was happening.
... we became more and more people at the turn of the stage, the atmosphere was good, although it was the first time I told everyone that it was just a scam. We were delighted with later arrivals, it was difficult to stand alone so we would be silent and do not laugh loudly. There was a smaller picnic on the stairs because of course they brought cookies, soft drinks, cakes, then we came down in the end and continued it in our flat.
I got a lot of gifts, they said they brought me and kept me, they smiled and
no one was angry or insulted and no one was angry.

... now the cobweb will wrap me if I wait until anyone comes. : D

I turn on the radio ...

"György Soros plans to ask the Opposition to allow all illegal immigrants"
"UN will install one million migrants to Hungary"
"The Opposition wants to break the borderline" (S.D.: yes with their own hands!)
"The Helsinki Committee would move migrants into empty homes in Budapest"
"Whoever does not support FIDESZ, the Soros wage and treason"
"There are two thousand people on the list who want to decide on the government"
"Brussels would oblige Hungary to pay the settling costs of migrants"
"Bernadett Szél is a Soros-agent and American Spy"
"The Mayor of the district wants to build a migrant camp in the empty area next to the Polus Center" (S.D: Polus Center is a huge mall in that district)
"If the FIDESZ does not remain in power, then Hungary will become an Islamic state"

Hey, it's Second of April yet!

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